Our Mission

worship - engage - follow


Emmanuel Reformed Church is a community of believers called to worship God.  We seek to engage people in the life, joys, and work of the church; serving, teaching and inviting people to follow Jesus Christ. 

While we like to do things, our biggest service to God is simply focusing our lives away from ourselves and toward God.  This is Worship - focused attention on the worth of God.  This happens together on Sunday, and throughout our week as we seek to honor God with our lives.

There is a constant push and pull between being independent and our own individual, and the implanted need to be connected with others.  Life is not for isolation, but community.  As a church we strive to be a welcoming and inviting place for all people.  And this is God's plan, that people who believe gather together, support each other, work together, and find joy.  ERC is not just a place to attend, but a way to Engage in the life God wants for us.

Church isn't church, and Christian isn't Christian if Christ is not front and center.  ERC seeks to keep Jesus as head of our church, and we seek to learn how to Follow him as committed disciples, and invite others to do the same.




Emmanuel is a

multi-generational community of faith.