Celebration Bank

Thank you for your support of Emmanuel Reformed Church.  Because of your willingness to generously give to this ministry, you are enabling ERC to grow in the community, provide a church home for you, and reach out with the love of God.  Giving is a spiritual act which God calls us to, not only to support what God is doing in the world, but to develop what God is doing in our lives - creating faith-filled, obedient and generous spirits. 

Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God's work here at Emmanuel Reformed Church.


There are several ways you can donate to ERC:

  • We offer safe and secure online giving.

    • Click to make a One Time Gift

    • Click to set up Recurring Giving or Designate Funds
      If you are giving regularly, please consider the "Use Check" option. This is a transfer from your bank account. The church incurs significantly lower fees with this method as opposed to credit cards.

  • Bring your offering to church on Sunday and place it in the plate.

    • Offering envelopes are available to help you keep track of your giving, and to help ensure accurate records.
      Contact the office if you would like envelopes.

  • You can mail your donation to:

    • Emmanuel Reformed Church
      1150 Maple Hill Rd.
      Castleton, NY 12033

  • Set up payment by check from your bank account to ERC:

    • Your bank can mail a check from your bank account, with no cost to you, to:

    • Emmanuel Reformed Church
      1150 Maple Hill Rd.
      Castleton, NY 12033


Anytime, anywhere, use www.easytithe.com/erc to donate to ERC!